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Gopantin: An effective treatment for organic brain diseases.



Balkan pharmaceuticals in Moldova are a well recognized organization in its domain. In 2007, the pharmaceuticals obtained legal recognition by the government of Moldova. By providing high quality medicines to people, Balkan Pharmaceuticals has gained a status of eminence around the world. In order to treat the patients suffering from heart diseases, the professionals of the organization have manufactured a quality product named Gopantin.

Prepared from Acid Hopantenicum, Gopantin acts on GABA-B-Receptor complex. The homogenous structure of yellowish white color tablets is made from the mixture of calcium hopantenat, magnesium stearate and Ludipress. Gopantin is an effective medication for various malfunctions. With possession of neurometabolice, neuroprotective and neurotrophic, Gopantin performs all these functions:


The intake of Gopantin medicines infiltrates the blood brain barriers. Its effects can be observed in the liver, kidneys, stomach and skin. But before taking Gopantin medications, observe following symptoms in your body:

Taking care of all these signs and symptoms, team of professionals at Balkan Pharmaceuticals have manufactures world-class products to deal with such severe problems. There might be certain side-effects of Gopantin, but these may not be permanent. Indeed, patient might experience sleepiness, but it will not require any preparation to deal with. Staff of trained and devoted individuals not only develop and manufacture pharmaceuticals but also test them efficiently. They require a proper prescription by a doctor before supplying Gopantin. For more information about other products, visit